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Kids Health Naturopath Adelaide

Family Health

Infant, child, and Teenager Adelaide Naturopathic Care: For stong and robust little ones

Kids are not simply smaller versions of grown-ups - they have specific requirements that are appropriate to their age, developmental phase, and current well-being. Naturopathy is gentle, non-invasive approach to care for children and strives to address the root cause of any discomfort or symptoms your child may be experiencing. It aims to boost their natural energy levels, enhance their strengths, and supply them with the essential elements for growth and development into happy and healthy adolescents and adults.

How We Can Help

Eczema & Asthma
Ear Infections & coughs and colds
Infant health
Colic, restlessness
Low immunity
Gut health & Parasites
Acne & hormonal health
Mental health
Food intolerances
Fussy eating & nutrient deficiencies

Consulting in the inner west of Adelaide less than 10 min drive from the centre of the Adelaide CBD. Appointments are available 1:1 in person or online via telehealth.

Need some extra support with your children's health that takes a more holistic approach?

We understand the importance of having the right support along the way.  If you'd like to have a chat with one of our practitioners we have a free introductory consult available for you to understand how we might work on your child's health together. Let us support and guide you.

What to expect from your Naturopath

Children under 13
Initial Consultation
(allow 45 minutes)

In the first consult, we will sit down with the child and parent to gather as much information as possible to get to the underlying cause of issues for that child.

We will review any current testing results or make recommendations for further pathology testing if needed.

Based on this information, we will create a personalised treatment plan that works for your life.

You may receive supplement recommendations and a herbal or compounded prescription to best support your child's health at this time.

Children under 13 Follow-Up Consultation (allow 30 minutes)

In your child's follow-up consultation we will discuss how your child’s individualised treatment plan is progressing. Additional information not discussed in the initial appointment may delved into to get a great insight into your child’s health.

We look at any functional pathology results and how we can use that information to improve your child’s treatment outcomes.

You will get an update on your child’s treatment plan with adjustments make to the supplement recommendations & herbal or compounded prescription if needed.

Children under 13
Review Consultation
(15 minutes by phone)

Depending your child's state of health and the level of support you require follow up consultations are recommended every 2-4 weeks initially, reducing in frequency as their health improves. Generally clients have appointments every 3-4 months to help them stay on track and implement preventative health strategies.

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