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Women's Health Naturopath Adelaide

Women's Health

Transform Your Health with Naturopathy in Adelaide: Discover True Well-being at Solace Health.

At Solace Health we like to think of women's bodies as magical, that they are beautiful, complex, harmonious working machines. Sometimes things can get out of balance and extra focus is needed. Naturopathy takes a greater in-depth look at why our bodies are out of balance not just focusing on symptom management but long-term sustainable outcomes. It looks at all areas of our lives, what we are eating, how we are eating, our stress, our toxin exposure, our digestive health, and more. As clinical naturopaths, we never want to see any women suffer with pain, discomfort or just "not feeling right" when they could be supported and empowered. At Solace Health we are here to guide and advocate for you every step along your health journey.

How We Can Help

Painful or heavy periods

Premenstrual symptoms

Bloating, mood changes


Irregular or missing periods

Endometriosis & adenomyosis

Pelvic inflammatory conditions

Hormonal acne

Libido issues


Thyroid Health

Perimenopause & Menopause Thrush & UTI's

Transitioning off birth control

Consulting in the inner west of Adelaide less than 10 min drive from the centre of the Adelaide CBD. Appointments are available 1:1 in person or online via telehealth.

Want to feel right in your body, nourish and support it to optimal health? 

We understand the importance of having the right support along the way. If you'd like to have a chat with one of our practitioners we have a free introductory consult available for you to understand how we might work together. Let us support and guide you, we will sit down and aim to get to the bottom of your health challenges. 

What to expect from your Naturopath

Initial Consultation 
(90 minutes) 

In the first consult, we will sit down to gather as much information as possible to aim to get to the underlying cause of your issues.


We will review any current testing results or make recommendations for further pathology testing if needed. 


Based on this information, we will create a personalised treatment plan that works for your life.


 You may receive supplement recommendations and a herbal or compounded prescription to best support your health at this time.

Follow-Up Consultation (45 minutes)

In your follow-up consultation, we discuss how your individualised treatment plan is progressing. Additional information not discussed in the initial appointment may delved into to get a great insight into your health.


We look at any functional pathology results and how we can use that information to improve your treatment outcomes.


You will get an update on your treatment plan with adjustments make to the supplement recommendations & herbal or compounded prescription if needed.

Review Consultation
(30 minutes)

Depending your state of health and the level of support you require, follow up consultations are recommended every 4 weeks initially, reducing in frequency as your health improves. Generally, Solace Health clients have appointments every 6 weeks to help them stay on track and implement preventative health strategies.

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